iMessage on Android – How to Get iMessage for Android Phone?


If we talk about the best messaging app for iDevices, then iMessage is one of the apps. In this post, we are going to talk about iMessage on Android and how to get iMessage for Android phone. Apple has the best app to send a message, do video calling & audio calling and the latest feature Animoji, which all together make it best plate to eat with a mixture of hot and spicy ingredients that shows you the vibrant colors of your taste! But regrettably, it is legally available only for iDevices.

The reason behind its popularity is security and features. Due to all of the above reason the android device users craving to get iMessage on Android devices. If you desire to put your hands on iMessage for Android then for you the good news is some apps let you enjoy the same experience of Apple’s messaging app.

But if you require iMessage on Android then let me tell you that it is possible and the process is a bit tricky to work around. And another thing you need is a Mac to get the app on an Android device. So if you don’t have anything, look for alternative otherwise continue the process. We have already discuss about iMessage on PC.

Now let’s move to the main question which is can I get iMessage on my android, then answer is yes and methods and steps are given below. Check it out, my friends. How to use iMessage on Android?

imessage for android

iMessage on Android: How to get iMessage for Android?

Method #1: Set Up weMessage for iMessage on Android

Using the weMessage app, you can enjoy all the features of Apple’s iMessage. It supports features like easy customization, group chats, read receipts, attachments, web browser, built-in video player, contact blocking, notifications, big emoji message and few more as per the developer, your messages and other information protected with AES encryption. But to use this app, you need iMessage account active on Mac. The steps are here:

Step #1: Download the weMessage app from the google play store on your android devices. (NOTE: the app is not available on playstore now)

Step #2: Next, download the weServer app on your Mac device.

Step 3: This app is not accessible on the official app store of Apple. So to get it, you have to modify the Security & Privacy settings to get the app on your Mac.

Step #4: Once the app is installed on your device, open it and follow instruction showed on the screen to set up.

Step #5: Next, take your android phone and open the weMessage app on it. Sign up using the email, IP Address, and password. Once it is done, it is ready to use.

Step #6: The weServer app covert your Mac into the server to run the iMessages from the weMessage Android app what it means that iMessages delivered the data to your Mac and Mac forwards all of the data to your Android smartphone. So weServer works as a bridge between Android device and Mac.

The developer of the app Roam Scoot said that weMessage works using the Apple tool and turn the accessibility features on to send the message. There is no reverse engineering, so all the messages that sent are received.

Keep in mind that the method to use Mac to deliver messages to the Android device is an old one and many apps using this technique. However, some apps that have created based on this concept were blocked by Apple.

Here is video for deep information about iMessage for Android

Method 2: Use “SMS for iMessage” (iChat) to send iMessage from Android

SMS for iMessage is another app in our list that helps you to send the message on iMessage. This app is free up to five message per day, but if you want to send unlimited messages, you have to move to the pro version or paid version.

  • This app routes your messages between Mac and your Android phone and by this way it works.
  • First get this app on your Android device and create an account and add a newly created account to the iMessage app.

And you do not need this app or any other app on your Mac device which is the best part about this app. Another thing is the setup process, which is quick and easy.

Another feature is up to 3 days; it stores your text messages to make the offline delivery possible. After three days it removes the message due to security reason.

Normally you can not use iMessage on Android because high security. Apple use end-to-end encryption for message system.

Also you can use iMessage on Mac with our working guide.


It is all about the iMessage for Android. After reading this article, hopefully, you do not need to go to some other place to look for iMessage for Android download. We tried our best to give you solution of your question regarding how to use iMessage on Android Phone? Hope you get your answer. We have the comment section for you to share your doubts and other queries, use it without any hesitation.


    • Yea, check out AirMessage. I tried using weMessage when I got my Android a year ago and it just wasn’t a smooth experience. Then I found out about AirMessage, and it has been working very well since then. There is a Google+ Community that’s quite active with over 200 members using this app. Good luck.

      • Thanks for mention AirMessage. Will defently check this and if work for me I will update it iMessage on Android article.


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