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Are you searching for iMessage Alternative to send message online? Here is list of iMessage Alternative.

iMessage is a basically an app used for chatting which is developed by Apple and preinstalled in all Apple devices. With iMessage, you have a great chatting experience with a lot of stickers that are used in everyday chat. In iOS 10 you will come across a lot of iMessage apps and sticker packs. But iMessage is designed solely for Apple devices. iMessage is not available for other iOS device but still you can use iMessage on PC.

Now if you want to chat with someone who doesn’t use an iPhone or if you yourself have an Android device then this iMessage app will not serve your purpose. You would require an iMessage alternative. In this article, you will get an idea of the different alternatives that are available in the market.

If you are Mac using device then you can use iMessage for Mac.

iMessage Alternative

Why iMessage can’t be used on Android?

iMessage generally can’t be used on Android devices as Apple uses a unique end-to-end encryption system in this app that secures the messages through Apple’s servers, from the device sending them to the device receiving them. Being encrypted, the iMessage network can be used only by devices that are designed to decrypt the messages. Apple ensures that the iMessage run exclusively on iOS and macOS so that people are motivated to buy its products. This is the prime reason why you won’t find iMessage for Android phones on the Google Play store. So, for a similar chatting experience, you need to choose from a range of iMessage alternative apps.

The best alternative to iMessage

If you really enjoy chatting and the features of Apple’s iMessage service impresses you then its high time that you look for an iMessage alternative apps for your Android phone or to chat with someone who doesn’t use an iPhone. In this article, you will come across a list of alternative chatting options that you can choose from.


This is so far the most popular messaging app worldwide. Being used by 1.5 billion users across 180 countries, this messenger app clearly stands out from the rest in terms of popularity. You can use it even to send international messages at no extra cost. Apart from the regular messages and emojis, this messaging app lets you make voice calls, video calls, share photos, videos, funny GIFs and many more features. You can even share your location with anyone through this app.

Facebook Messenger

This messaging app is one of the most feature-rich app. It has a huge library of GIFs and a collection of stickers. Not only does this also allow you to do audio and video calling, send photos, videos but also play with your friends. With its help, you can connect with different business units and get immediate help. The best part is if sometimes you run out of cash, your friend can even send you some cash.


If video-calling is your prime intention then you should go for Skype. This iMessage alternative app can be used to enjoy 1:1 or group video chat with up to a maximum of 24 friends at a time. Even if you don’t want to do face-to-face chat, you can also use its audio calling feature. If it is a business call you can send documents as attachments. It can be also used to share fascinating images and GIFs too to keep alive the mood of the conversation.


This chat service is highly popular in China and has more than 1 billion active users all over the world. The unique feature of this messaging app is, it allows you to make group chats with up to 500 people. So, be it a casual chat with your friends or a formal conversation with your clients it can meet both the needs. It comes with a range of custom sticker promises to make your conversation lively. When it comes to video calls you can connect with 9 people at a time. The Time Capsule feature lets you record a short video and share with your loved ones. This clip stays active for only 24 hours. With its help you can make group video calls with around 9 people at a time. Now you can capture a short video and share it with your best friend in your Time Capsule. The clip will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Besides, add life to your conversation with the cool collection of custom stickers.

Telegram Messenger

If security is your main concern, then you should go for this iMessage alternative app. The reason behind is, it promises to safeguard your personal information. Your data is protected with their 2048-bit RSA encryption along with advanced 256-bit symmetric AES encryption and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Not only it shields your messages but it also acts quite fast. One vital feature of this app is the synced functionality which means even if you start typing in your iPhone, you can continue typing the same message from where you left on your iPad. It also allows group chats with up to 200,000 members which is a huge number.

If you want to know more iMessage Alternative then comment below, we will update this post.

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