iMessage on PC – Download iMessage for Windows 10 to Use iMessage Online

iMessage on PC is authorized app of apple for iPhone and other devices. Yes, this app is free, you don’t have to pay anything to use it, but the bad news is, it is only available for Apple users only. On iMessage for Windows 10 we have shared working guide to access iMessage online without paying anything.

But there are some tricks by which one can use iMassage for Windows, pc or Mac. iMessage online is one of the highly rated and demanded app at present. In the technological era, iOS never fail to come up with astounding services and essential approaches to launch something new for the comfort and security of their client’s data.

One such concept is iMessage for Windows 10 with lots of amazing features to fulfill the numerous prerequisites of users. If you have an iOS device, then you can use it on your iPhone but how to use it on windows 10 pc?

The answer is here, in this article. Here we come up with four different ways on how to send iMessage from pc. But before we move to how to get iMessage on PC, let’s talk on what the app is exactly and what are the features that people are mad behind it to get it on their pc.

iMessage on PC

What is iMessage on PC: About iMessage for Windows 10

iMessage is a messaging app for the iPhone, and it does not ask for any fees to pay to use it. With the message app for iPhone, you can use it simultaneously.

Apple iMessage for PC offers us some amazing feature like sharing media, effects, group chat, animoji, etc. that are absent in some traditional apps and you can enjoy this all features by downloading iMessage for Windows by following the below guide.

Glaring Features Of iMessage For PC

#1. Versatility:

With iMessage app, you can connect all your iPhone user friend or other apple product user. If you want to communicate with non-iPhone user person, then you have to pick any of the methods given below to connect with them.

#2. Sharing of media, documents, and other files:

iMessage on computer permits you to share video, pictures, audio, location, documents, etc.

#3. Handwritten messages:

When you do not find any proper stickers or lazy to type messages to the friend, then you can convey the message by writing on your own and send it to an individual or group.

#4. Effects:

With iMessage on Windows 10, you can use various effects to customize it they have many effects to set as default.

#5. Sync messages:

In case of some unfortunate thing happen to your phone, then you can get all your messages to restore with sync message feature.

#6. Group chat:

iMessage allows you to chat with more than one person with group chat feature at the same time.

#7. Stickers:

To make message interesting and expressive, you can use iMessage stickers. There are bundles of stickers available for free in this app. If you want additional stickers, then you can download sticker app from play store, and it will sync with your app automatically.

#8. Use reactions:

iMessage reactions are used for reacting someone’s message after reading it. Apple provides you with six different reactions which are: heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, laughing, ‘haha’ reaction, question mark and exclamation marks.

#9. Animations / Animation:

Using iMessage app send iMessage from pc with animations, which is known as animoji. With the message, you can incorporate various attractive effects and background within the chat.

Do you want to know about iMessage for Android OR iMessage on Mac? we have shared complete guide.

How To Get iMessage On PC?

In this section, we will discuss four different methods to download iMessage for PC with installation guide. All these methods are 100% work for PC.

Method #1: Chrome Remote Desktop

It is the first method to use iMessage for Windows 10, which use chrome remote desktop. To use this method you need windows PC and a Mac laptop.

Step #1: Open google chrome browser on both devices and install Chrome Remote Desktop.

imessage for windows using Chrome Remote Desktop

Step #2: Click on the option of Add to Chrome option and wait until it completes the downloading.

Step #3: Install the google chrome browser.

Step #4: Go to the browser apps, and under it, you can see an option of Launch App, click on it.

click on launch app to use imessage on pc

Step #5: Now, go to the Mac and download and install Chrome remote desktop host installer.

install Chrome remote desktop host installer for imessage for windows 10

Step #6: Using your mac, set security pin and password to access it from another screen that is from windows screen.

set security pin and password to access imessage online

Step #7: Go to your windows system and look for the remote Mac, click on it and start sharing of the screen on your Windows pc.

You will be able to use iMessage on Windows PC

imessage on pc windows

Now Chrome Remote Desktop let you use another computer with the help of Chrome browser on your windows pc. If you, don’t have a mac with you, then you can use a different emulator to download iMessage for pc.

Method #2: Download iMessage for Windows 10 Using Ipadian

ipadian emulator to use imessage for windows

The iPadian emulator is best for the windows pc to use iMessage on PC. This tool is available for free and using this application; you can access all restricted iOS apps like iMessage. The steps to get this app are as follows:

Step #1: Go to the following link and get iPadian emulator on Windows pc OR you can use any other iPhone emulators.

Step #2: Download and install the file and run the emulator.

Step #3: Accept the terms and condition and click on accept to continue.

Step #4: As you open the app, you can see a search bar, where the search for the iMessage app.

Step #5: Click on the app and download it.

With this two method, you can use iMessage on pc without jailbreak.

Method #3: Download iMessage on Windows 10 Using Cydia

It is another way to download iMessage on Windows. For this site, you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. To start a quick chat or group chat with your friends on iMessage, you have to follow these steps.

Step #1: Get Cydia from your app store and open it.

Step #2: Next search for Remote messages.

Step #3: Install the Cydia app and wait till the installation completes.

Step #4: Go to the tab of settings >> Remote messages.

Step #5: In a new window, you can see use authentication option. Enable it by tapping on it.

Step #6: Create your username and password. During this process make sure that your pc and iOS device and PC connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Step #7: Open a web browser in your pc and under the enable tab, enter IP address and now enter colon.

Step #8: Press the enter tab, and a window will prompt with user id and password details.

Step #9: Fill the setup and complete the process. Now you can connect on iMessage for Windows 10.

How to use iMessage for Windows PC?

iMessage for Windows is a user-friendly app, and if you have the basic knowledge for app them you do not need any guide, but if you are new to iOS apps then look at the steps to use iMessage.

  • Open the app from the app icon.
  • Next, go to settings and tap on iMessage button. Here you have to create your apple id.
  • Now tap on compose button from the upper right corner.
  • Here compose a message and tap on the send button. In the same way, you can check all the sent messages.
  • If the send button is blue, then the message is delivered and if it green then the message is read by the receiver.
  • From the attach button you can attach photos, document, video, and other files.

Here is video tutorial to easy understand the download process of iMessage on PC:


It is all about iMessage on PC. Keep in mind this app is not available for windows pc but you can use it on windows pc by using any of the method given her. Some other sites show you paid option, which does not worth, so do not opt for the paid tool. It is our view, but the last choice is yours. We have shared clear guide that will not cost your to download iMessage for Windows 10. What do you think? Share in the comment section below.


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